Rastafarian Movement has a religious-philosophical-cultural aspect. It was founded in Jamaica in the thirties because of the Ethiopian Prince Ras Tafari Makkonena (later known as Haile Selassie), who believed that world peace is possible only when the color of human skin will be less important than the color of his eyes. In the world, it has been widespread in the seventies along with the fashion for reggae music.

True Rastafarian is a man devoid of all forms of aggression, leading a quiet, stress-free lifestyle in accordance with nature. He promotes freedom and equality for all people, but in the original version, Rastafarians preach the superiority of the black race over the white. Religion is a combination of Judaism, Hinduism, and Ethiopian Christianity. They use the Scriptures in the King James version, are are prohibited from eating pork, however the majority are vegetarians. The element in religious ceremonies is the ritual of smoking marijuana called by them their sacred herb, mentioned in the Bible, as the Tree of Life. They think that smoking increases their awareness, closes to God, allows for a peaceful approach to the world and people.


Outward sign of belonging to this movement is inclusion in the dressing style, colors of Ethiopian flag. So they wear clothes in yellow, green and red, that are comfortable and environmental friendly. Rastafarians on the head often wear dreadlocks, which are symbolic, meaning a return to nature, and colorful, woolen hat.

The music inspired by this movement is reggae - music that unites the hearts of all men. The most famous Rastaman playing this kind of music was Jamaican Bob Marley. You can tell listening to his songs, that he was a great eulogist of rastafarii and thanks to him the whole world knows that ideology.

October 2011