This subculture arose in the early seventies in Britain and the United States and brings together people listening to heavy metal music.

Metal subculture is not based on any particular ideology. Metalheads are people positive about other people and subcultures, they only try to get personal independence. For them, the most important is their music. The only divisions in their subculture, relate to gathering around different bands playing different varieties of metal. Lyrics are filled with praise of the occult and evil, and therefore for many people metalhead is equal to the Satanist.


Black color is a hallmark of this subculture, in addition skinny leather pants or jeans, leather jacket called ramones, and often, although less and less, long, loosened hair. A must are t-shirts and badges with their favorite band, mostly represented with skulls, skeletons, and burning crosses. Many “metalheads” adorn their bodies with tattoos depicting such images. The hallmark of this subculture, especially at concerts, is Mano cornuta sign - a gesture of outstretched hand with the fingers forming horns.

Metal music itself can be divided into several of its varieties, they include: death metal, thrash metal, black metal, gothic metal.

October 2011