Hippie movement emerged in the mid-sixties of the twentieth century in the United States and was an expression of opposition of young Americans, against the consumerism lifestyle of people. To the world, they proved to be opponents of the Vietnam War, which the United States had since 1957.

It is pacifism that was the mainstream of socio-cultural movement, and its flagship phrase is “Peace and Love” and “Make Love, Not War”. Hippies were anarchists. They opposed to the universal male conscription into the army, education, church and corporate institutions. They did not recognize private property, they lived in communities made of several dozen of so-called communes, where everything was shared. They had ecological lifestyle. To expand their consciousness, they often reached for psychotropic substances and soft drugs. Mostly, those were marijuana and LSD.

Hippies bus

Complementing the hippie ideology was their appearance. They wore loose and colorful clothes (hence the name "flower children"), which were to be functional and compatible with nature. Their costumes were inspired by Hindu and Indian designs, and were completed with personally made accesories in the form of beads, ornaments, braid or neckerchiefs. Men like women wore long hair, and often beards They often walked barefoot in order to be, as they claimed, closer to Mother Earth.

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