Emo subculture is one of the youngest youth subcultures and most growing in the world of young people. The term Emo has already appeared in the eighties in the United States and was used to determine one type of punk subculture. The present shape of this phenomenon was formed in the early twenty-first century.

Emo can be subsumed under the counterculture, because the appearance was a kind of protest against the materialistic and vulgar American rappers lifestyle. According to Emo, culture is not their lifestyle but rather a state of mind. Real Emo is a person rather depressive and introverted, closed in itself, considering that nobody in the world is able to understand his existential pain-except, of course, other Emo. For days, they ruminate about death and suicide, write poetry and spend their free time together, hugging and creating short-term relationships with each other. Sometimes, to relieve negative emotions they make cuts on the body with razor blades. They do not hide their sexual orientation and bisexuality among them does not surprise anybody. Because of that matter, Emo are oftem people from mostly well-off families and around them huge clothing and gadget industry was developed.

emo hair

In Emo style, we can discern a few borrowings from other subcultures. They dress up in a similar way to the punks and goths. Characteristic are the long, slanting bangs covering their face, tousled hair dye mostly in black, pale makeup, whith strongly highlighted eyes. They wear pants tubes, old sneakers and T-shirts with beloved bands. Favorite color is black, of course, but also purple, red and pink. It is a necessity to have painted nails. Although their appearance is quite dark, they also wear clothes bearing the sweet cat or bear. Emo fashion is unisex, both girls and boys dress up identically. Given that the subculture unites teenage people, sometimes it is hard to figure out whether we are dealing with a young woman or a man.

Emo classic bands are Nation of Ulysses are and Heroin. But the most famous performer, even for the layman of this culture is the German group Tokio Hotel.

October 2011